Following our passion

We believe products that are thoughtfully designed and manufactured have a positive impact on our lives and lead to the sustainable success of a company. Since the two of us, Fabian Ghoshal and Benjamin Beck, founded PONG in 2015 this philosophy has shaped every product we have worked on and is immediately apparent in the unique end result. Keeping it small ensures our personal involvement in every project and a consistently high standard of quality.


From start to finish

Each project is like a piece of putty, unique in character and requiring a flexible approach for it to reach its fullest expression. That’s why we always start by listening carefully to identify the specific requirements and to define a common goal. From there on we are able to support each phase from the point of strategic foundation until the final implementation. Our experience from kick starting our own company TIO helps us to understand various aspects of a consumer facing brand.


Staying focused

We love what we do. That’s why we focus on product design as our core expertise and prefer staying a dedicated team where each and every project can receive our utmost attention. Whenever a project requires support beyond our expertise, we have a professional partner network we can turn to that spans from user interface design to mechanical engineering.


Joining forces

Creating a new product is like venturing into the wild. It is an adventure that demands a huge commitment from everyone involved. But despite the amount of sweat it might entail, we strive to have as much fun as possible and we believe it is this positive spirit that inevitably leads to best results. That’s why we see ourselves more as additional team members than external consultants selling bullshit.


Some companies we’ve worked with


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