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A view inside a sunny industrial design studio with its employees


We believe that the design process is a beautiful, collective, continuous back-and-forth to get to the best possible outcome. Our name stands for responding to every ping in a seriously playful way.

We’re a team that cares 360°.

Whether a new product, piece of furniture, or an application for a specific technology, we help you design it with care for both people and the planet. Our team of experts combines a deep understanding of materials and manufacturing processes. With an eye for user needs and desires, we create beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible products.

Every project is personal to us.

We believe thoughtfully designed and manufactured products have a positive impact on our lives and lead to sustainable company success. Since our foundation in 2015 this philosophy has shaped every product we’ve worked on. Being a compact, dedicated and agile team ensures our full commitment to every project and a consistently high standard of quality.

We stay with you from start to finish.

Each project requires an individual approach to reach its full potential. We carefully listen to identify specific requirements and define a common goal. From there we’re able to support each phase, from strategic foundation to final implementation. Based on kickstarting our own company TIO, we can anticipate the various challenges of shaping a consumer brand.

An upbeat team spirit is in our DNA.

Creating a new product is like venturing into the wild. It demands commitment from everyone involved. We embrace complex challenges and the resilience getting to the finish line might take. A positive spirit leads to the best results and we see ourselves as additional team members, rather than external consultants, as they often sell overblown buzz.

Where simplicity meets playfulness.

At first glance, we create beautiful, easy-to-use, functional, minimalist products. Look closer and you’ll notice that among clean lines and simple shapes, our way of designing also lies in playful twists. We believe that carefully emphasized and light-heartedly designed details emotionalize a product’s appearance. This enhances the user experience and enables a harmonious relationship between people, objects and our planet.

A person looking and pointing at a detail of a Viessmann product

Our design philosophy is based on three pillars.


The world doesn't need an overflow of products, it needs the right ones. Rooted in our commitment to environmental responsibility, we create objects that minimize ecological impact, resonating with our dedication to shaping a healthier, more harmonious world. With our work we strive to inspire positive change.

02Human centricity

At the heart of every product lies a human experience. By understanding human needs, emotions, and behavior, we create solutions that resonate deeply with people. Our aim is to make products accessible to the widest possible audience, ensuring they enrich lives on a fundamental level.

03Innovative technologies

We are driven by a natural curiosity for purposeful innovation, and we love collaborating with researchers, engineers, and scientists to craft impactful applications for emerging technologies. Constantly pushing boundaries, we ensure that our solutions shape a future where technology serves humanity.


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