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Designing beauty with meaning.

At PONG we deliver outstanding industrial design from strategy to final product, with a unique level of expertise for circular innovation, sustainability and implementation.

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About the Studio.

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We mind the business side of design.

Having built our own FMCG brand in TIO, we know that good design must always keep business success in mind. This allows us to create beauty within the boundaries of feasibility and realism.

Trends born in Berlin keep us ahead.

Joining forces with clients in our Kreuzberg studio, at the heart of Germany’s creative metropolis, we embrace a collaborative mindset and the city’s socio-cultural pulse to stay sharp and innovative.

A lean team delivering maximum value.

We don’t oversell. We cut the overhead of large agencies and achieve striking results by being hands-on, dedicated and owner-run, using our experience to be highly efficient and solution oriented.

We truly partner up to turn visions into reality.

We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their challenges and develop solutions, guiding the process from visionary concepts to final implementation, reducing risks along the way.

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What we offer.

Our Services

From early stage start-up to global corporation we can support you with profound expertise in bringing a successful product to life.

01Strategy & Research

We identify innovation opportunities and develop tailored design strategies aligned with your goals and objectives. By analyzing user needs, market trends, and emerging technologies, our actionable recommendations lead to unique products with high market potential.

02Product & Experience Design

Design is about solving problems. We don’t stop until the solution is functional, user-friendly, efficient to produce AND aesthetically pleasing. Therefore we work closely with researchers, engineers, marketing, and manufacturers to push the boundaries while meeting consumer needs.

03Circular Innovation

Linear take-make-waste behavior and unrestrained, guilt-free consumption destroys our environment. As designers it’s our responsibility to help build a better future. We’re proud to be sustainable product pioneers with a deep first-hand understanding of materials and production.

04Deploy & Deliver

We ensure product execution from prototyping to final production with extensive manufacturing process experience, by working closely with partners to meet quality requirements and budgets, by sourcing materials, finding the right manufacturing partner.

We partner with great companies.

Together we create successful products.


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