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Two TIO toothbrushes floating back to back

TIO is our very own brainchild. It is a complete rethinking of everyday oral care products, combining the best elements of design and sustainability. Originally meant to be a mere personal portfolio project, TIO turned out to be a convincing concept that we became very passionate about.

With TIO we want to show the world that pollution is not necessarily a must. In fact the sustainable redesigning of something that is used by billions of people every day can be a beautiful thing that makes a big difference.

TIO is available for purchase here

All TIO products in front of a mint green background
A floating TIO brushhead
TIO replaceable brush head in front of a mint green background
A floating TIO brushhead


Instead of conventional plastic made of crude oil, all materials used are made from plants whose photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing pure oxygen. Furthermore, the radical reduction of fossil based raw oil and additives like BPA ensures that all materials are both good for the planet, and good for your health.

packaging of all the TIO products


Every TIO product is based on a sound analysis of material reduction in terms of design and packaging. Whether it’s parts of the TIO products or newly developed packaging concepts – as much as possible should be reusable as part of the existing and future recycling systems.

Sketches of the TIO toothbrush
Screenshot of the TIO Kickstarter campaign showing that it reached its funding goal of 40000 euros


The Tiofloss refill system cuts 95% of packaging waste due to its resource saving refill system. The floss bobbins are packaged in innovative paper-based, FSC-certified and recyclable bags. The dispenser itself is a beautiful and timeless object made from a bio-based composite that goes without any petro-based resources. Due to it's simple and durable design it endures countless lifecycles compared to the commonly used single use containers.

Hands holding the injection molding tool for a TIO toothbrush
A TIO toothbrush getting bristles cut in a machine
A hand holding a sustainable TIO toothbrush in front of the ocean

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