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Mitte Home is the first smart, 3-in-1 water maker, designed to replace single-use bottled water by filtering, mineralizing and carbonizing tap water. Inspired by the natural water cycle, the unique mineral cartridges purify and mineralize water much like rainwater seeping through layers of calcite and magnesite rock. In addition you can pick between still or carbonated.

We've been working with this Berlin-based start-up since it was founded in 2016. Our overarching goal was an appealing, clean design language for all touch points and housing of technical components leading to an intuitive user experience.

Mitte is available for purchase here

The Mitte water purifier on a colorful kitchen counterop
Side view of the Mitte water purifier
Front view of the Mitte water purifier
Side view of the Mitte water purifier


Since we have been part of Mitte from the start on we were able to create the physical design language hand in hand with the foundation of its visual identity. After scanning the market and observing all the gadgety competitors it became quite obvious that the product needs reflect the sustainable aspiration of the company yet follow a pure and honest aesthetic. Since the product needs to blend into various kitchen interiors the sheer size of the components posed quite a big challenge as we tried to create a device that doesn’t feel huge.

The Mitte water purifier with a water purifying caridge next to it
A detail of the Mitte water purifier showing its button made of sustainable plastic
Water purification cartridge made of sustainable plastic


We went for a clean, soft casing that is composed of a combination of basic geometric shapes. Essential parts of the device stand out through accentuated material choices and enliven its overall appearance. Wood compound for the dispense button and the lid of the cartridge distinguish them and switch up the haptics. Integrated and backlit controls playfully guide through the interaction without overloading the device and provide an intuitive interface.

Mitte water purifier on a wooden tabletop
A glass of water being poured
The mitte water purifier on a wooden kitchen counter
An outdoor ad for the Mitte water purifier
The Mitte water purifier on display in a mall
An ad for the Mitte water purifier stating "#makewaternotwaste"

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