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tado° is Europe’s largest producer of smart thermostats and air-conditioning controls. tado° is not just about having internet access to your thermostats - it adapts to your behaviour to always ensure the perfect room climate and provides insights and recommendations to make living more comfortable.

We have had a close-knit partnership with the company since 2014, and have established a design language that encompasses their ever-increasing product portfolio.

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The full tado smart heating product portfolio
A tado smart heating radiator thermostat on a radiator next to a smart thermostat on a wall
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A tado smart heating radiator thermostat floating


All tado° products are characteristically smooth and unobtrusive, allowing them to blend into any home. Bright colouring and simple shapes fused with an intuitive interaction makes tado° the perfect match for every household.

With the smart thermostat we introduced an as yet unseen display technology to the world of IOT products. By back-lighting the LED dot matrix, we made a display on demand possible, resulting in a product that looks perfect whether on or off. This sets tado° apart from all other home tech products with their noisy screens.

A tado smart thermostat on a wall in front of a wooden shelf
A tado smart heating radiator thermostat mounted on a radiator next to a potted plant and toys


tado° is the perfect example of how we imagine a partnership between us and the client. From the very first sketch until the final product fell from the line we were an integral part of the internal product development team. This made quick iterations possible and led to a smooth design development.

Various conversational ping pong matches between the in-house engineers and external manufacturers made the optimal utilisation of space an effortless task, and this highly appealing, slim product is largely a result thereof.

Tado smart thermostats display test
Open tado smart thermostat with the PCB and LED matrix visible


tado° proves that a product development which is fundamentally design driven ensures a user-centred experience that encourages sustainable business success. Over the past few years, tado° has gradually grown into the leading smart climate company in Europe while simultaneously drawing increasing attention from the internal tech scene.

Their products are sold in all Apple stores across Europe and they have even been elevated to the Google partner program. Up until 2018 tado° collected a total funding of $102 million and is ranked as one of the rare, future, German hardware unicorns.

A man holding a tado box in front of an apple store
A tado smart thermostat on a big wall ad next to philips and google products

“Pong has been amazing to work with. From the big product strategic picture down to the very last perfect detail: these guys know what they are doing and how to deliver designs that make a huge difference.”

— Jens Pohl, Head of Design at tado°


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