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The Livy smart living assistant floating in front of a grey background

Livy is a fast-growing smart home technology brand from Berlin. The Livy Alive features a high-quality 180° encrypted camera, a brilliant 2-way audio function, and a range of sensors that constantly measure temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, noise, brightness, and air pressure of the room to provide essential climate quality insights.

We partnered up with Livy's product development team to fit all functionalities into a compact and appealing device. Our aim was to create a design that doesn’t appear technical at all, integrates into various interiors, but still attracts the attention with a high-end appearance.

Livy Alive is available for purchase here

A smart living assistant reflecting a living room in its mirrored front plate
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Our solution is a subtle device that perfectly integrates into any ambience and neither feels like a surveillance camera, nor a cold piece of tech. The soft shape of the Livy Alive makes it friendly and approachable. The mirrored front surface reflects its surroundings which leads to a color matching any environment, while also covering the camera, and giving the device a mystical touch. The light guide in the back doubles as an alert and ambient lighting with smooth indirect LED illumination, drawing attention when needed. A fabric cover encases the Livy Alive and forms a bridge to the homely interior around it.

Side view of a Livy smart living assistant
Front view of the Livy smart living assistant mounted on a wall next to a sofa
The Livy smart living assistant lighting up at night


During a fast paced design sprint we generated multiple product concepts and quickly identified a favorite that unites all requirements with a feasible implementation. A hands-on collaborative approach led to a product release just over one year after we joined the project. This project was funded by the "Berliner Förderprogramm Transfer Bonus Design". The aim of this funding is to integrate design expertise into the innovation process of SMEs and social enterprises as early as possible and in an application-oriented manner.

Sketches of the Livy smart living assistant
CAD models of the Livy smart living assistant
Multiple 3D printed models of the Livy smart living assistant

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