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Tado smart ac control mounted on a wall over a sideboard

tado° 2014

tado° is Europe’s largest producer of smart thermostats and air-conditioning controls. tado° is not just about having internet access to your thermostats - it adapts to your behaviour to always ensure the perfect room climate and provides insights and recommendations to make living more comfortable.

We have had a close-knit partnership with the company since 2014, and have established a design language that encompasses their ever-increasing product portfolio.

tado° is available for purchase here

The tado smart AC control next to a smartphone
The tado smart AC control mounted on a wall with a living room in the background
Two tado smart AC controls floating back to back in front of a blue background


The back features a smart but playful management of cables, which results in a pleasant user experience and enables various mounting positions without having to deal with messy cables. The smooth back adds a personal touch to the device.

A woman pressing a button on the tado smart AC control mounted on a wall
Sketches showing the tado smart AC control

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