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A frontal view of the Mitte water purifier with a water glass

Mitte 2018

Using a process inspired by the natural water cycle, Mitte is a first-of-its-kind smart home water system that not only purifies water, but also enhances it. It does this in two simple steps: first it purifies the water using a proprietary method that is distillation-based. And then it makes the purified water even healthier by enhancing it with essential minerals.

Together with the founding team of Mitte, we dove deep into the Drinks & Beverage Industry, and emerged with this award winning, groundbreaking product.

A woman interacting with the Mitte water purifier with a water glass
The Mitte water purifier with its panel taken off displaying the purification cartridges
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To make the device blend into modern kitchen environments we've chosen a discrete underlying design aesthetic. Broad radiuses and soft surface blends create a friendly and approachable shape. Neutral colours highlighted with aluminium features link back to professional kitchen devices and reflect the purity of the brand’s values.

The Mitte water purifier on a kitches countertop with tea making set beside it


Highly refined detailing draws added attention to the minimalism and simplicity of its form. A further appealing key design element can be found in the smoothly shaped dispense head with its wooden tab button, which consequently enables an honest and natural touch point. Carefully designed patterns turn technical necessities, such as the air intakes, into playful design elements.

A detail shot of the spout of Mitte water purifier
A detail view of the Mitte water purifier


In our effort to create a clear and intuitive user experience, we identified the desired interaction hierarchy using the results of various user testings. Based on these valuable findings, we chose to make the primary functions controllable on the device itself. Secondary smart features like water consumption tracking can be controlled by an accompanying app. This functional division has resulted in a neat and simple user interface that goes beyond the ordinary cluttered screen.

A person interacting with the App of the Mitte water purifier


We were fortunate to jump into the project before anything apart from the core technology had been defined. This made the collaborative development of brand and product possible, based on proper market research and a close cooperation with the founders. Dozens of user interviews and field studies gave us the insights we needed to launch a fundamental design development.

Top down view of hands using a wrench on a cooler
Post its dispaying the design thinking process of the design of the Mitte water purifier
The internal destilling mechanism of the Mitte water purifier


One of the most challenging tasks in the design development was to marry the necessary technology with a form that is both approachable and beautiful. Endless days of component tetris and countless iterations with scientists and engineers finally led to a product that looks at home on a kitchen counter top.

Two men brainstorming in front of a whiteboard full of sketches and notes

“I highly recommend working with Pong. Benny and Fabian are the unique combination of working in close collaboration and co-creation, while still bringing in their own unique sense of design and human centred approach. ”

— Moritz Waldstein - CEO at mitte


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