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A Fyta smart plant sensor almost hidden in the vegetation of a potted plant

FYTA 2022

The Beam is the central plant sensor for FYTA—a revolutionary smart plant care system and app. It detects and analyzes your plant's needs and via the app tells you exactly what your plant desires and when. Every plant is unique, that's why the FYTA Beam analyzes all measured values for water, fertilizer, light, and heat, which are processed by intelligent algorithms.

We supported this early stage start-up with the conception of a cost-effective and production-ready design that includes all components and gives the brand’s message a physical identity.

FYTA is available for purchase here

A Fyta smart plant sensor next to a smartphone and a wifi hub
Two Fyta smart plant sensors floating back to back


We decided to give the sensor a playful design with an overly personal character that accompanies the plants in a friendly way. The muted color scheme makes it disappear among the leaves. But when discovered, the unique shape neatly fits into the happiness gardening brings.

We followed a high sustainability approach which is clearly reflected in the design. The main focus is the circular solar cell, which supplies the FYTA Beam with sufficient energy and at the same time enables light measurement. The waterproof housing is made of recycled plastic.

An exploded view of a Fyta smart plant sensor showing its battery replacement
An exploded view of a Fyta smart plant sensor showing all its components


This project was funded by the "Berliner Förderprogramm Transfer Bonus Design". The aim of this funding is to integrate design expertise into the innovation process of SMEs and social enterprises as early as possible and in an application-oriented manner. Our lean and hands-on design process positions supports them to meet the challenges of product development with robust, design-forward strategies.

Sketches of a smart plant sensor
a flat lay of different 3D printed models of the Fyta smart plant sensor

“Pong has been amazing to work with. From the big product strategic picture down to the very last perfect detail: these guys know what they are doing and how to deliver designs that make a huge difference.”

— Claudia Nassif, CEO & Co-Founder FYTA


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