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Viessmann Vitodens mounted on a blue wall

The Vitodens 300 condensing boiler hides everything you don’t need to see inside a sleek, monolithic cube, potentially making it the most efficient geyser for domestic homes on the market.

Together with the in-house design and engineering team, we have come up with a user-friendly design for their flagship product line. The geyser’s unique feature is a height-adjustable control panel that is comfortable to use, regardless of the height it is installed at. A sleek beam of light not only acts as an indicator, but cleverly transforms the corporate color scheme into a design element.

Vitodens is available for purchase here

A detail shot of the sleek edge of the Viessmann Vitodens


Maximum precision resulted in a product that embodies Viessmann’s reputable excellent quality. The company’s innovative production facilities made a refined edge radius possible, resulting in a seamless slim-line front panel. Thanks to its geometric simplicity and the matt white surface finish, the device blends effortlessly into the architectural environment of modern homes.

The casing design was further used on many Viessmann product categories, ensuring a consistent visual vocabulary for their diverse product range.

A Viessmann Vitodens mounted in a washing room
Viessmann Vitodens standing in a niche of a living room
Viessmann Vitodens standing in a niche of a bathroom
Viessmann Vitodens standing in a concrete garage with an EV in the background
The Viessmann Vitodens product family in front of a blue wall

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