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A floating Viessmann Vitotherm model

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of systems for heating, industrial energy and cooling. The transition towards renewable energy sources saw the heritage company entering the market of electric DHW and heating systems.

Having collaborated in the long term on various projects, we were eventually asked to develop a consistent design language for their entire Vitotherm product portfolio.

The Vitotherm is available for purchase here

A Viessmann Vitotherm model mounted on a wall under a sink
A closeup of the Viessmann Vitotherm
Two different Viessmann Vitotherm models mounted on a wall


We’ve created an approachable, yet definitive look to reflect the Viessmann company values. All products are based on an equally curved foot print, the resulting swept-front surfaces let them blend into modern bathroom interiors perfectly.

We took the analogue temperature dial and elevated it to a key design element. Surrounded by a fine scale it can be precisely positioned so as to accurately set the desired temperature for the user. By using the company’s very own Vitorange colour tone for the pointer, we were able to incorporate a recognisable signature element of the brand while simultaneously enhancing its functional necessity.

The Viessmann Vitotherm product family in front of a grey background
Schematic views of different Viessmann Vitotherm models
Schematic views of different Viessmann Vitotherm models
Models of different rotating knobs with Viessmann branding

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