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The BTC fast charger on a parking lot at night charging an EV

BTC 2023

PONG partnered with BTC POWER, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems in North America, to design their new flagship. This powerful direct current fast charger can provide an 80% EV battery charge in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The device is designed to charge two EVs simultaneously, offering the capability to serve more customers in less time.

A front view of the BTC fast charger
A side view of the BTC fast charger


We decided on a friendly and attentive product gesture that distinguishes it from the usually cluttered and technical-looking chargers. The formal basis is a rounded rectangular frame that accommodates the interaction area. A large screen enables a delightful user experience and further provides flexible branding opportunities within the option to host digital advertising.

BTC EV fast charger
A detail of the BTC fast charger
Front detail of the BTC fast charger


The protruding front provides a clear direction and allows for a comfortable operation from a wheelchair. Carefully designed details such as the air intakes and the dedicated cable management enhance the design and underline the manufacturing quality.

BTC EV chargers plugged into a car on a parking lot with mountains in the background
A cardboard model of a power charger
A prototype of the BTC power charger next to a printout of it
The first prototype of the BTC power charger

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