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LOEWE 2018

The LOEWE Berlin is an innovative music player that bridges the gap between the traditional and contemporary way we consume music. The concept relates back to the brand’s long heritage of audio devices and was showcased at the IFA in Berlin where it blazed the trail for upcoming audio focused devices.

The renowned HIFI brand asked us to envision a brand fitting device that takes current market trends into consideration and identifies user needs as its foundation.

A Loewe music player on a rocky surface
The turntable of a loewe music player with a record on it
A closeup of a glowing button on a loewe music player


The underlying mood is bold and classy, with a premium aesthetic made possible through design details and the clever handling of material. Its sleekness is counter-balanced by its rigorously gridded interface. The effect is further enhanced by the harmonious placement of the record player in relation to the inductive charging spot for hand held devices. Carefully designed details like physical knobs and the integral application of rare, solid materials drive the extraordinary of this showpiece.

A Loewe music player with vinyl player and tablet in front of a black background
Interaction elements of a Loewe music player
A detailshot of a Loewe music player
A Loewe music player with vinyl player and tablet in front of a black background
A model of a Loewe music player with turntable

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