Osram - Passenger Light | PONG


Multiple osram passenger lamps in front of a black background

This light is the perfect companion for any passenger that wants to read, without blinding the driver. Its bendable neck allows for maximal manoeuvering while it is plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Given the typical cold and tech-driven non aesthetics of swan neck lights, we decided to not follow suit, but rather to create a light that blends harmoniously into the interior design of today’s automobile. Through its soft, yet well-defined formal appearance the lamp looks modern, without being too conspicuous. The neck is wrapped in a matt black silicon surface that creates a haptic touch that’s easy on the fingers. The light culminates elegantly in an amicably incorporated plug. This project was done during our time working with Nerd Communications.

The OSRAM Passenger Light is available here

A osram passenger lamp in a car illuminating a book
A detail shot of the osram passenger lamp in front of a black background

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