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An exploded view of the Runvi smart insole

RUNVI 2018

RUNVI is a next-generation wearable. The smart insoles & app provide real-time coaching so you can achieve your full running potential. RUNVI improves your running technique, reduces your risk of injury, and coaches you to experience the running performance you’re truly capable of.

In close cooperation with the internal development team we worked on various insole concepts, evaluated them through ergonomic testing and carried the final design all the way to the finish line.

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Side and top view of the Runvi smart insole
A closeup of the Runvi smart insole showing its sensor
The charging station of the Runvi smart insole


Fresh colours and a vibrant pattern give the system a contemporary, athletic look. Each insole is designed with a supportive ergonomic shape to further improve comfort and support while running. The lightweight material of RUNVI allows you to flex and exercise naturally.

From within the insole, the “core” communicates with 15 pressure sensors to track and store your daily activity. The battery lasts up to 10 hours of intensive running. Once it’s flat, the core can easily be popped out and charged in the portable base station. And when the insoles are worn out, they can be exchanged without having to replace the core.

Sketches of the Runvi smart insole
A runner wearing a blue jacket next to a water canal

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