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A perspective view of a Teufel Rockster with a hard shadow in front of a concrete wall

Teufel 2016

The Rockster bluetooth speaker transforms any outdoor gathering into a concert-like event, with its unrivaled sound and portability. Designed for music enthusiasts, it offers up to 20 hours of non-stop, high-fidelity sound in any setting - from park picnics to rooftop parties.

Its recognizable design, high-performance battery and easy mobility allowed the Teufel brand to establish an iconic product in the outdoor entertainment industry.

Teufel Rockster is available for purchase here

Front view of a Teufel Rockster in front of a concrete wall
A Teufel Rockster lying on a concrete floor
Side view of a Teufel Rockster in front of a concrete wall


The Rockster brings a spectacularly powerful sound system to any event. Its durable design is not just to look at but built to last. With a powerful amplifier driving a 380 mm woofer and tweeter horn, it delivers clean, high levels of sound with minimal distortion across the entire frequency range—reaching up to 121 dB.

A detail shot of the Teufel Rockster showing its DJ mixing interaction elements


The integrated 2-channel DJ mixer with tone control, crossfader, and pre-listening function, along with multiple inputs and outputs, including for instruments and microphones, makes the Rockster not just a speaker but the heart of your event. With its iconic design and solid construction, Rockster is your ultimate partner for turning any location into your stage.

Teufel Rockster in front of graffities
A microphone is being plugged into the Teufel Rockster by a person
Teufel Rockster in a loomy basement with a crowd behind it
Models of the Teufel Rockster

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