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A sideview  of the Luke Roberts smart pendant light with the bottom light shining

Luke Roberts 2016

The Luke Roberts launched the world’s first smart LED lamp that gives you unprecedented control over your lighting with the touch of a smartphone. The pendant lamp can easily be controlled by an accompanying app that allows the user to adjust the intensity, direction and colour of light with a simple gesture.

We helped the founding team to create the kind of design that attracts attention and meets all the technical requirements resulting from their groundbreaking technology. The product was funded via a crowdfunding campaign and generated 550k € in pre-orders.

luvo is available for purchase here

A closeup of the Luke Roberts smart pendant light

“Working with PONG was a great experience. It’s a very dedicated team of experts that put a lot of thought into every detail. We really appreciate their support and look forward to working with them again.”

— Robert Kopka Founder & Managing Director at Luke Roberts


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