tio eco toothbrush



TIO is our very own brainchild. It is a complete rethinking of the everyday toothbrush, combining the best elements of design, oral care and sustainability. Originally meant to be a mere personal portfolio project, TIO turned out to be a convincing concept that we are very passionate about.

With TIO we want to show the world that pollution is not necessarily a must. In fact the sustainable redesigning of something that is used by billions of people every day - like a toothbrush - can be a beautiful thing that makes a big difference.


Functional aesthetics

The initial design idea was based on a functional analysis of an ordinary toothbrush. The very obvious finding was that a toothbrush can be divided into the gripping part and the hygiene part. In the concept phase we started to visually play around with this split by assigning different textures and materials to each part.

The outcome is an exciting balance between these functional zones. The upper part is available in a range of fresh colours, with a sleek, hygienic surface. In direct contrast, the handle comes in pure white with a smooth textured finishing that enables a sturdy grip without the need for flashy features like silicone rubber pads.

This no-nonsense design approach sets TIO apart from all the randomly styled mass market toothbrushes that tend to reference fashion sneakers rather than medical utensils.


A sustainable material innovation

All materials used are made from fast growing plants whose photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing pure oxygen. Furthermore, the radical reduction of fossil based raw oil and additives like BPA ensures that all materials are both good for the planet, and good for your health.


Reduce & Reuse

Our patented exchangeable brush head mechanism means a reduction of 70% in plastic waste during each use cycle. Every time you replace the top, the environment smiles and you get a truly hygienic fresh start. This far surpasses the user experience of conventional replaceable head toothbrushes.

Bringing an idea to life

From the moment the idea was conceived, we were convinced that TIO makes sense. But just to be sure of its market relevance, we decided to run a kickstarter campaign. With barely any outside support we successfully funded the campaign in 30 days, convinced 1400+ people to back our idea and received more than 40k € funding to make our vision a reality. As a pay-off, TIO received a lot of media coverage and won various prestigious design and sustainability focused awards.

To push the sustainable approach further, we have partnered with a German based manufacturing site to bring TIO to life. Currently we are extending the product portfolio and are excited to witness an ever-growing number of organic stores in Europe becoming our resellers.